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Generative AI: Half-day Workshop

GenAI is changing the business landscape as we know it.

Accelerate your transformation path harnessing innovation, technology and data to deliver sustainable efficient and resilient solutions to put your growth trajectory on steroids. 

Make changes today for tomorrow’s world with our GenAI workshop experts. 

Our GenAI experts show you how to leverage the incredible opportunities the Azure OpenAI service can deliver for your business. This bespoke workshop is designed to open up the possibilities that GenAI can offer and potential strategies for your business with actionable next steps to implement first use cases.  

Agenda of our workshop

  1. Education: Our experts unpack the benefits and features of the service available, including tools, technical architecture, and security compliance + demo of use cases. 
  2. Exploration: Identification of your business uses 
  3. Prioritise: Selection and prioritisation of 3 use cases by potential ROI 
  4. Design: Explore solution possibilities 
  5. Conclusion: Feedback and next steps 


From Infrastructure to Governance and Culture change.

Ultimately AI must deliver profitability and greater efficiencies for businesses.

Our Global Director on Data Consultancy and Technology services - Nicolas Cambolin answers the critical questions you should be asking.  

"What are the primary challenges in integrating generative AI into existing technology infrastructures across different industries?"

  • Integrating generative AI where existing technology infrastructure exists presents several challenges. Some of these challenges include: 
  • Securing compliance with the security and regulatory standards, 
  • Defining and understanding accurately the business intent behind the technical introduction of GenAI,  
  • Selecting the right solutions (closed source or/and open source), 
  • Ensuring robustness and performance of the system,  
  • Keeping up with the rapid pace of advancements in AI and the agility to adapt to any changes in the short term. 
  • Working closely on the data quality. 
  • Acculturation and fear management, as well as training and support, can help clarify objectives, avoid misunderstandings, and promote adoption (change management should be explored sooner rather than later). 

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Talan provides end-to-end support to both large companies and smaller ones:

from researching Use Cases, to setting up POCs
and deployment of complete Generative IA solutions.



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